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CTI Teaching Teams

About Our Teaching Teams

Since 1944, authorized Teachers for the Concept-Therapy Institute have been presenting the “correlation of the wisdom of the ages” presented by Dr. Thurman Fleet. Coordinating the principles of Science, Theology, Biology, Physics, the Healing Arts, and much more, Dr. Fleet’s Concept-Therapy Philosophy has been taught to tens of thousands of individuals from all vocations and every walk of life.

Concept-Therapy Institute Teachers have completed the Institute’s prescribed curriculum and are authorized to present the Concept-Therapy course. With additional training and experience, a teacher may be authorized to present additional courses in the Institute’s curriculum. Some Teachers and Teaching Teams teach in a specific locale, some Teachers are available to present classes in multiple locations, and others offer both in-person and/or online classes.

Listed below you will find currently active, authorized Teachers and Teaching Teams and their schedule of upcoming classes. You may contact the Concept-Therapy Institute or the specific Teacher or Teaching Team directly to inquire about classes being taught.

Dawson Team

The Dawson Team offers a 30-hour class format, combined with the spiritual high desert experience at their ranch retreat, The Double Triangle Ranch in Weldon, California.

Gutentag Team

Cara Gutentag moderates a Weekly ZOOM Rays of the Dawn study group and has taught Concept-Therapy courses on ZOOM. She attends weekly local Beam clubs in person and the Eye of the Storm Beam club on ZOOM, as well as other groups. Cara plans on teaching more Concept-Therapy classes on ZOOM and in person.

Hardy-Holley/Munger/Oholendt Team

The Hardy-Holley/Munger/Oholendt Team joined forces in 2023, they are well-experienced and enthusiastic teachers, living the work in their daily lives.

Malissa Melton-Otunba Team

Mattox/Alexander/Buse Team

The Mattox Team teaches classes at the Concept-Therapy Institute in San Antonio, Texas as well as throughout the United States, Canada, and online.

Jamie and Susan are very grateful to the Mattox Team for mentoring them and including the Alexander-Buse Teaching Team in many upper level courses. Helping to continue Dr. Fleet’s work is a privilege and honor.

Munger Team

Millicent Thompson-Munger is a native of Western New York. Milli has been a member of Concept-Therapy since 1961

Team 17

Team 17 teaches Concept-Therapy to empower humanity to “Know Thyself” collectively and personally through understanding Natural Law, and its impact upon the fixed ideas or perceptions by which we view, engage, and experience life. 

A collaboration between sisters Erin and Claire McLean, Team 17 brings decades of learning and life experience to teaching Concept-Therapy. Join the team for engaging, experiential classes and club events which support you in your own adventures navigating and transforming the fixed ideas in your own life. 

Team Hamer

Sarah (Sally) Hamer took her first Concept-Therapy class in 1984 and Teacher’s Training in 1987 and has continued through all of the coursework since then.

XYZ Team

The XYZ Team banded together in 2023, focused on teaching Concept-Therapy.

Team JacquiG

The JacquiG Team started in 2024, focused on teaching Concept-Therapy.