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Hardy-Holley/Munger/Oholendt Team

Anne and Don Hardy-Holley

Anne and Don Hardy-Holley met at Don’s first Concept-
Therapy Class in Columbus, Ohio, in February of 1972.
Soon afterwards Don was assisting Anne, Milli, and
Wayne Furness with classes. Anne, Milli, and Don later
taught together in New York State for several years. Anne
and Don have also taught in Massachusetts, Texas,
Canada, and Australia. They both have taken all the
instruction and have received all the awards, including
being recognized as a Top 10 Teaching team more than
once. They have worked in a variety of professions,
including teaching and coaching. After over thirty years in
their Psychotherapy Private Practice, they retired in 2022.
They have been married for over 50 years and enjoy spending
time with their children and grandchildren, as well as some

Millicent Thompson-Munger

Millicent Thompson-Munger is a native of Western New York. Milli has been a Student of Concept-Therapy for 62 years.  She has been teaching Concept-Therapy for more than 55 years. She has taken all the instruction and taught classes throughout the United States and Canada. She has presented countless Rays of Dawn (emotional control/stress management) workshops.  As a business professional, Milli has managed real estate properties and co-owned a business.  Health is her #1 priority as she continues to share the how and why of the principles taught in Concept-Therapy.

Mark Oholendt

Mark Oholendt, CTI Board Treasurer is a retired Alliance Manager and Account Executive with the NCR Corporation. Mark graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a BBA in Management.  Mark and his wife Katherine (a retired elementary teacher) first took Concept Therapy in the 1970s, have been happily married for 41 years, and are blessed with three children. They are Pathseekers and have taken all the work. Both are involved as volunteers with the University Health system in San Antonio, in providing pet therapy with their collie dogs Prince and Laddie. Mark has taught in over 40 classes since the 1970s, and has received all the awards from CTI.