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Team 17

Claire McLean

Claire McLean was brought up using and applying the principles of Concept-Therapy along with her teaching partner and sister, Erin McLean. In 1993, she took her first class and, at 16 years old, she requested the 2003 Teacher Training class be scheduled the week of her high school spring break in order to train as a certified instructor. Since then she has taught with 3 of her own teaching teams, presented at Conventions and special CTI programs, attended classes taught by many different instructors, completed all Concept-Therapy coursework except Chiropractic Principles and Practice, and participated as a guest teacher with the Klingbail Team, Mattox Team, Hardy-Holley Team, AST Team, and the Power Within Team. Claire holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication, summa cum laude, from Saint Edward’s University where she began her career in technology support. Over the years she has volunteered and worked on staff for the Concept-Therapy Institute and, most recently, served in 2022-2023 as a member of the Interim Executive Team.

Since her first classes, Claire has dedicated her life to understanding how fixed ideas – those perceptions composing our consciousness – are at the core of how we view, engage, and experience life. This process, which is the premise of the Concept-Therapy coursework whose name means “working with” (Therapy) “fixed ideas” (Concepts), has proven tremendously effective for her and many others in navigating the storms, aspirations, and mysteries composing this adventure of life. It has inspired a deep appreciation for the diversity of human experiences, the ability to question, to continue learning, to listen to others, think independently, know oneself, and fully engage every moment in the growth of one’s character and ability. This inspiration drives her passion for presenting the Concept-Therapy coursework for others in her free time.

Erin McLean

Erin McLean took her first Concept-Therapy course in the early 1990s and has since completed and reviewed all the coursework through Cosmic Principles. The principles taught in the philosophy inspired her to pursue a career as a clinical dietitian where she enjoys providing nutritional support and education to patients. After years of study and application of Concept-Therapy, Erin enrolled and completed the Foundational Teacher Training course during the summer of 2023. She afterward partnered with her sister Claire McLean as Team 17 to teach this beautiful, practical, correlated philosophy of life. In early September 2023, she co-launched the Real Alchemy Rays of Dawn study club from Aswan, Egypt as part of the team’s plan to work with Concept-Therapy internationally. Erin and Claire teach focused, in-depth classes with the intention of expanding consciousness and human potential across the globe so that all people can know themselves on the most fundamental level through the unifying correlation of the fundamental disciplines of Science, Metaphysics, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy.

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Classes: Team 17 Concept-Therapy classes are available throughout the year both in-person and over Zoom. If you would like to request a class, please do! Get in touch using the contact information below.

Club: Real Alchemy – Rays of Dawn Book Club – This book study addresses the principles of health and well-being on all three planes of life: physical, mental, and spiritual. The club welcomes you to join each 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm CST over Zoom. To purchase the book, please visit the CTI webstore.

Have a question for us? Contact Team 17 at 210-704-7190 or by email using the form below.

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