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  1. All grievances should be addressed to the appropriate party in written form, with the expectation of due process and diligence in seeking a solution in line with our Philosophy and the laws
governing a 501c3 non-profit Educational Organization. Please see our website, concept, for all Board email addresses including President, Chairman, Treasurer, Education
Chair, IOTBC Chief Pilot, etc. and Teaching Teams email is available on the Teachers tab of the website.
  2. Any Teacher grievance should be first addressed to the Teacher. For further support, please contact the Education Chair, who will determine whether additional action is required.
  3. Any policy grievance should be addressed to the Board President and/or Chairman.
  4. All Club or Social Media grievances should be addressed to IOTBC Executive Committee, and will be processed through the Chief Pilot.
  5. Any personal dissatisfaction with product, content, or service from CTI should be addressed to the Office Administrator, which will be then delegated to the appropriate department. The General Manager, in the absence of resolution, will seek
Board conference in an attempt to determine full satisfaction of the issue.