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Team JacquiG

Jacqui Goguen

Jacqueline (Jacqui) Goguen was introduced to Concept-Therapy in 1987,  and during what was a turbulent time, she put into practice the Principles taught in the early Phase coursework and immediately transformed her life. She is a lifelong seeker of knowledge and truth, and having been exposed to a variety of philosophies at a young age laid the foundation for her to recognize the beauty, and realize the benefits, of learning and living this Philosophy.

In 2017 Jacqui began the pursuit of intense study and has taken all the Phases up through Cosmic Principles, and successfully completed FTTC Teacher Training in July of 2023.  She lives in Ontario, Canada with her dog, Déjà, and her cat, Shyla, where she enjoys her summers outdoors gardening, bird watching, and cultivating a Certified Monarch Butterfly Habitat. Currently she is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts from Athabasca University with a focus in the areas of French, English, Philosophy and Religion.