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Dr. Bill Dawson

Dr. Bill Dawson began his Concept-Therapy journey in 1974 while a freshman in chiropractic college, having been introduced to the philosophy by a fellow student, Dr. Eddie Harrison. His love and attachment to the teaching prompted him to attend Teacher’s Training in 1979, followed by teaching his first official class in August of 1979 in Fresno, California where he practiced chiropractic medicine. Thus began his 42-year-long teaching journey resulting in the presentation of several hundred classes up through the Cosmic Principles Course. Dr. Bill currently teaches at the Double Triangle Ranch in Weldon, California with his wife, Robin Brunk-Dawson.

Robin Brunk-Dawson

Robin Brunk-Dawson was introduced to Concept-Therapy in 1982, which began a life-long pursuit of Universal Truth, and study of Concept-Therapy. She married teacher and chiropractor Dr. Bill Dawson in 2009, and together they practice the healing principles as taught by Dr. Thurman Fleet in their chiropractic clinic where she serves as office manager and patient advocate. The Dawson Team offers a 30-hour class format, combined with the spiritual high desert experience at their ranch retreat, The Double Triangle Ranch in Weldon, California. Robin has taken every course CTI offers except Chiropractic Principles, primarily from the Dawson-Harrison, Mattox, Lynn, Craig, and Vic & Gwen Loofboro teaching teams. She has served in all positions in Beam and Pathseeker clubs and presently serves Concept-Therapy as its International On The Beam Club (IOTBC) Chief Pilot.

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Phase 6 – Dawson Team Weldon, CA October 8 – 10, 2021 Live & Zoom

Phase 7 – Dawson Team Weldon, CA November 12 – 14, 2021 Live & Zoom

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