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XYZ Team

Catrina L Chambers

Catrina L. Chambers currently works as a professional with over 20 years of experience in Corporate America as a Senior IT Project Manager.  Catrina took her first Concept-Therapy Class in 2018 and has taken all of the instruction. Catrina has taught alongside with the “Mattox/Alexander/Buse” and “Klingbail” Teaching Teams.  And has served as Secretary of the CTI Board as well as other board duties including both the Education Committee and Technology Implementation Committee. Catrina serves as Chief Gunner in the Eye of The Storm Beam club and participated as a speaker at the 2021 C-T Convention. 

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio but now lives and works in the city of Louisville, KY with her wife Sheilah and dog Jojo.  Catrina has an adult son, Sterling who now lives and works in Cincinnati, Oh.

Trish Holder

Mary Gorton

Mary Gorton is a retired real estate agent with 3 children and 5 grandchildren. Following a passion, she founded a2z Organizing which provides personalized service to individuals and businesses. After years of exploring spirituality, including Native American, Mary took her first Concept-Therapy class 5 years ago. She has taken all the courses and is registered to attend the upcoming Teachers’ Training Course.

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