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Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy

(1) COMMUNICATIONS to include courteous written language on all social media platforms. Defamatory accusations of any kind toward another Beamer or any representative of Concept-Therapy will invite

Always remember:

  1. Each C-T member is an ambassador of goodwill for the organization.
  2. Give respect, get respect
  3. “CRITICISM, CONDEMNATION, GOSSIP and SLANDER are dangerous forces…gossip will hold the individual on a low plane.” ROD ch.9
  4. Remember to get the facts checked before responding to questionable comments.

(2) CODE of CONDUCT: CTI has a zero tolerance policy for racism, bigotry, misogyny, expressed or implied threats of harassment, physical harm or hate speech. Social Media activity of any nature must reflect positive attitudes and language in line with our philosophy.

  1. Membership is a privilege; policy infarctions may jeopardize membership status.
  2. We are proud of our organization; we respect our Founders.
    3. If you have a grievance, utilize proper channels as listed in the policy.

(3) PROTECT PRIVACY: Never reveal personal information (name, address, phone numbers) of any member. For inquiries about the Concept-Therapy
Institute, we refer you to our website for information.
Qualified Board Members and Staff are available to offer further support.

  1. Be sure to have written and well-documented proof of permission to post videos, pictures, written materials on our social media platforms.
  2. Never use employment or position of influence to extract information about any member.
  3. Ensure accurate records are updated in member files to avoid mis-information.
  4. Avoid litigation or censure of membership by becoming familiar with, and observing the SM Policy.

VIOLATION POLICY: action steps
I. Immediate isolation of offending member(s) on all social media until resolution is determined by the current Administration, especially C-T sponsored groups or pages, including digital Beam Club lists and Constant Contact variety of email lists to prevent weaponization of our own media against our Organization.

  1. A certified letter stamped ‘official business’ will be sent to the offending member(s), signed by the IOTBC Chief Pilot and current admin of CTI in recognition of the reported violation, with a copy of the Social Media Policy, including action steps requiring the offending information be deleted
    from Social Media. Upon cooperation, isolation will be reversed.
  2. Any further violations or failure to comply with the stated Policy will result in a vote by IOTBC Executive Officers whether or not to remove the person’s membership and revoke all privileges of membership. (Any tie votes will go to the chief CTI admin for a tie breaker)
  3. That vote will be communicated to CTI staff, a notation made in the member’s record, and CTI would then refund any paid membership remaining with a written communication explaining the action.
  4. There will be a waiting period of 1-3 years before that person is allowed to petition for membership again, depending on the gravity and reasons of offense held against Concept-Therapy, it’s policies,
    representatives or membership, past or present.


  1.  All grievances should be addressed to the appropriate party in written form, with the expectation of due process and diligence in seeking a solution in line with our Philosophy and the laws
    governing a 501c3 non-profit Educational Organization. Please see our website, concept, for all Board email addresses including President, Chairman, Treasurer, Education
    Chair, IOTBC Chief Pilot, etc. and Teaching Teams email is available on the Teachers tab of the website.
  2. Any Teacher grievance should be first addressed to the Teacher. For further support, please contact the Education Chair, who will determine whether additional action is required.
  3. Any policy grievance should be addressed to the Board President and/or Chairman.
  4. All Club or Social Media grievances should be addressed to IOTBC Executive Committee, and will be processed through the Chief Pilot.
  5. Any personal dissatisfaction with product, content, or service from CTI should be addressed to the Office Administrator, which will be then delegated to the appropriate department. The General Manager, in the absence of resolution, will seek
    Board conference in an attempt to determine full satisfaction of the issue.