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Born in 1931 out of the traumatic WWI experiences of Dr. Thurman Fleet, who could not find solutions to his challenges from traditional medicine and theology, what is known today as Concept-Therapy has evolved into a non-profit educational organization. Grounded in philosophical principles that trace back centuries, Concept-Therapy is a unifying correlation of the fundamental disciplines (Science, Metaphysics, Theology, Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy). It has been taught continuously at its San Antonio Campus for nearly seven decades, where it has proven itself a viable, workable understanding of living a whole life. Over the course of this remarkable tenure, Concept-Therapy has provided an anchor of support for 1000’s of people aspiring to a life of health, happiness, peace, and success and is now taught in locations across the United States and Canada.


With only a meager formal education and against tremendous odds, Fleet was an ordinary man who aspired to the extraordinary.  As an infantryman, he earned a battlefield commission from the U. S. Army in World War I and became one of the nation’s most highly decorated soldiers of that conflict.  He emerged from the war an “old man” of 23, suffering physically and mentally.  Effects of mustard gas and shrapnel in his skull, and haunting, horrific memories plagued the young hero.  Army doctors offered him little relief and no hope.  With a family to provide for, he began a fascinating odyssey to rebuild his health and life.  His journey led him into the realms of psychology, philosophy, theology, health and healing.  Thurman Fleet regained his health and attended the Texas Chiropractic College, establishing a highly successful Chiropractic Clinic in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Fleet devoted his life to searching for, organizing and teaching the truth about the human condition in all its complexity.  His legacy is Concept-Therapy.

San Antonio Educational Center

In 1944, Dr. Thurman Fleet began teaching his philosophy to members of various healing professions, primarily chiropractors, and in 1949 he founded the Concept-Therapy Institute, a non-profit educational organization in the state of Texas open to all students interested in the study of this philosophy. He purchased the Aum-Sat-Tat Ranch, located in the Texas Hill Country, as a unique destination for study, collaboration, and contemplation.

CTI plays host not only to instructors delivering Concept-Therapy seminars, area meetings, conventions, and training courses but also to a number of national organizations whose members retreat here in the heart of the Hill Country each year. Visitors and guests are welcome at “The Ranch,” and inquiries are accepted at the Institute Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

Our Vision

At Concept-Therapy we are building a world where all people are healthy and whole in mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission

Concept-Therapy offers a comprehensive learning opportunity for people aspiring to a life of health, happiness, success and peace.

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Concept-Therapy Institute is a state-chartered, non-profit, federally tax-exempt educational organization as defined in Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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