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Start A Study club

Studying Rays of the Dawn or Concept-Therapy as a group not only enhances understanding but also encourages participants to apply the principles in their own lives.  Study Clubs provide an excellent way to introduce others to Concept-Therapy and can support local CTI teachers by promoting new and review students for the Concept-Therapy coursework.


  • Study Clubs are extensions of CTI and are chartered to study CT materials only
  • Groups of at least three people may organize to form a Club
  • Club meeting sites are left to the discretion of the local members
  • Rays of the Dawn Study Clubs are open to anyone for the study of the book “Rays of the Dawn”
  • “On the Beam” Study Clubs are open to those who are members of Concept-Therapy International “On the Beam” Clubs and have completed an introductory C-T course.  Concept-Therapy Introductory and Intermediate Course material may be studied. Guests may be invited to a Beam Club meeting but the study topics should be limited to the “Rays of the Dawn” on those occasions.
  • Pathseekers Clubs are open to any Concept-Therapy International “On the Beam” Club member who is a Pathseeker.  The Pathseekers Clubs may study all the coursework but typically focus on the Advanced Courses starting with Phase 4 and Basic Principles.

Call or email now for assistance in starting a Study Club in your area…