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How to Use Meetup in Your Area

Teachers, how are you advertising and growing your classes? As an easy to use and well known social platform, Meetup is a great way to connect with your local communities while spreading the word about your next class. Check out CTI’s tips on using Meetup by clicking on the link below.

Beamers, Take Action and Present a Person to Person Program

 This is Your Opportunity to Support Our Teachers

If you attended the IOTBC Convention, you had the opportunity to hear firsthand about our Person to Person Program designed to provide the guidelines and materials needed for our Beamer community to assist in introducing Concept-Therapy to others. You can be a vital support for our Teachers in building C-T classes.

We have now updated the Person to Person Program packages with our new branding and posted them on the website so all our members may download the tools needed for the presentation.  Take a look at the Program and see how easily it may be delivered to small groups. Then, plan to reach out to persons in your area to introduce C-T and make this important contribution to the lives of others and to CTI’s growth.

CTI Teacher Updates

Watch your email for the 2019 CTI Teacher Updates sent quarterly to active teachers and teacher interns. Past updates are posted in the Teacher Library for easy reference.

Teacher Calendar

When planning your future classes, check the Teacher Calendar to ensure the Course and Location consider other classes being offered in your area.

Upcoming Course Schedule

Concept-Therapy offers a comprehensive learning opportunity for people aspiring to a life of health, happiness, peace and success.

See courses offered near you or select one of our courses streamed online at CTTV.

Path to Health – First Wednesday Each Month

Wednesday, 12-6-17
7:00 P.M. CDT

Dempsey Auditorium
25550 Boerne Stage Road
San Antonio, TX 78255
Streamed live on CTTV