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Our courses are available to a broad spectrum of individuals who aspire to a life of health, happiness, peace, and success. Concept-Therapy is a viable, workable philosophy of life. Unlike positive thinking gurus, self-help, or motivational teachings and workshops, Concept-Therapy offers a comprehensive learning opportunity based on a foundation of time-tested principles.

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Introductory Courses

  • Concept-Therapy

    Concept-Therapy is a philosophy that teaches you about the attributes that make you YOU, while also helping you understand other people on a deeper level. You’ll learn about the evolution of consciousness, from the beginning of time all the way down to your own existence, and how each stage affects your path in life. As you become aware of the concepts underlying your individual expression you’ll be taught how to eliminate or evolve those concepts in order to help you reach the goal of becoming your best self. This process will help you learn how to influence those whom you encounter to also be better and healthier versions of themselves, physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • Suggestive Therapy for Concept Therapy Students

    Suggestive Therapy is a course that, if understood and applied, would be beneficial to everyone. All of us act and react daily according to suggestions, whether given to us in the moment or impressed upon our mind at some time in our past. Suggestion controls what we do in all facets of our lives – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Knowing how to give and receive proper suggestions is a basic principle in everyone’s life. Learn how to plan and bring about the positive results you desire.  Note: Doctors of Chiropractic and Healing Arts professionals should enroll in the Doctor of Chiropractic/ Healing Arts Course which includes subject matter from this course for the healing professions. In Suggestive Therapy, this work assists the doctor in understanding the healing process. It introduces the 6 Health Zones, Zone Analysis and Zone Slips or Zone Analysis Pads..

    The information from this course is soon to be incorporated into a more comprehensive Doctor of Chiropractic and Healing Arts course bundle later in 2024, stay tuned.

  • Chiropractic Principles and Practices Using the Zone Healing technique

    The Concept Therapy Institute first started teaching Doctors of Chiropractic the Concept-Therapy course in 1944. Included in this course were the Zone Healing, Zone Adjusting Technique and the Concept-Therapy muscle technique.  This Chiropractic Principles and Practices course is particularly designed for practicing Chiropractors and their staff, but also healthcare practitioners in other modalities will find the information equally of value. This work focuses on the 6 Health Zones, and Zone Analysis. The adjusting technique correlates with the Concept Therapy copyrighted 7 Chiropractic Image charts. 

    The information from this course is soon to be incorporated into a more comprehensive Doctor of Chiropractic and Healing Arts course bundle later in 2024, stay tuned.

Prerequisites Required


Following the foundational Concept-Therapy Course, students are eligible to enroll in additional, specialized courses including the seven phases of Conceptology, which are arranged to allow the student to progress in a natural and logical manner through the principles taught in Concept-Therapy. Each phase directs the student along the Path Toward Higher Understanding

Phase 1

Phase 1 deals primarily with the subconscious mind.  It outlines methods students can use to direct the principles of concentration and suggestion.  In this course you will learn how the mind can affect the body’s normal functions. Plus, you may discover how to develop the power within to create or change your fixed ideas.  Through hands on demonstrations you will be able to test the validity of the ideas presented.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 you will study the INNER SELF as a stepping stone to Self-Knowledge.  You will learn how the power of the subconscious can be used to work for you instead of against you. Phase 2 presents a number of practical techniques for opening the door to the subconscious mind so you may neutralize negative and limiting concepts and emotions in order to enjoy greater health, happiness, success and peace of mind.

Phase 3

Phase 3 relates to the Spiritual or Inner Self; the REAL SELF.  You will learn how to work with mental and spiritual Energy – to change Negative Energy to Positive Energy and to understand the one, great LAW –  Energy Is.  Phase 3 prepares you to make the transition from the Lower Path of Consciousness to Higher Consciousness. You will learn how to balance your life by applying the Principles of Life in your daily activities.

Basic Principles

Basic Principles is a logical explanation of the THREE ASPECTS you may use to easily analyze your own knowledge to see if it comes under the heading of FANTASY, THEORY, or FACT. Basic Principles deals with systems of thought throughout the ages; religion, philosophy, science, healing, etc. Everyone has basic, foundational ideas, however these may not be true or complete. In this course, sixteen basic or FUNDAMENTAL TRUTHS are presented. These truths, if thoroughly understood and mastered, become the steps to greater knowledge, understanding, and wisdomupon which the evolution of consciousness rests. In addition, you will discover a guide for reasoningso you may sift through the confusing information in the various fields of thought to find accurateanswers. You may be astonished at what will be revealed, but you will then have the key.

Psychiatric Principles Applied

This course is designed to introduce the main principles of psychiatry so you may understand yourself. That self strives to express through the reasoning mind, and until you are aware of the principles involved, you stand defenseless and open to all kinds of influences and suggestions. You will to come to KNOW yourself and UNDERSTAND others through the instruction in Psychiatric Principles Applied. You will learn how Negative thinking and emotions may affect health, and you will recognize your own ability to deflect suggestions of illness. You will also learn the power of the COMPOSITE PERSONALITY applied in any area of your life so you may work or deal with others harmoniously. The explanation of methods relating to influencing others is made clear and dynamic in this powerful class.

Chicago Lectures

Chicago Lectures, also known as “Preview to Phase Four,” takes us to 1956, when Dr. Fleet was presenting his first approach to explaining higher work. He chose Chicago for his lectures, and used feedback from this first class in the higher work to formulate the structure of all the higher phases to follow. Much of this class has been used in the upper phases of Conceptology, but some of the ideas Dr. Fleet was putting forth at that time are only presented in this class.

Phase 4

Phase 4 presents the basic principles and guidelines for you to advance from a selfish, materially-oriented existence to an understanding of, and lawful service to, the ONE LIFE.This course is considered a bridge between two Worlds: the Outer and the Inner, or the Lower and the Higher Paths of Consciousness. Study of Phase 4 will lead you to a period of training and self-discipline where you gain a NEW aspect of knowledge enabling you to view life as it really is, not as it simply appears to be. Using this new knowledge, you are able to lawfully differentiate the REAL from the FALSE, the Illusionary World from the World of Reality. By the examination of certain fundamental principles, you learn to organize your thinking and classify knowledge according to fantasy, theory or fact, so you are able to differentiate between these three types of knowledge. You are able to give up fantasy for theory, to give up theory for fact. You learn the TEN RULES which prepare you to continue your evolution in consciousness.  Phase 4 constitutes a steppingstone to the Higher Knowledge which blends into Wisdom.

Phase 5

Phase 5 introduces a new dimension of consciousness, a system of knowledge usually referred to as COSMIC CONSCIOUSNESS. The instruction enables you to explore the esoteric principles of Truth in order to advance in consciousness and apply those principles in life.  You will understand the need for developing the inner faculties. Phase 5 instructs you to develop the faculty of Perception, in particular, which allows you to become aware of your REAL INNER SELF, no longer needing an outside authority for guidance or instruction. This development enables use of the inner faculties, or senses, more each day. In Phase 5 Dr. Fleet condensed, correlated, and transmitted the Wisdom of the Ages in such a practical way; this is one of the most desirable and helpful courses in all metaphysics and philosophy.

Phase 6

Phase 6 offers instruction in the Initiation process of the Higher Path. You are acquainted with the principles that were before unknown and presented with further rules for self-discipline. Phase 6 shows why it is necessary for the personal self to cease being the Originative Factor in daily life. It must no longer be the impelling force in the living of a life.  As you aspire to Higher Consciousness, you realize ALL LIFE IS ONE and this One Life is not ours but, rather, it flows and expresses Itself through you. Persistent practice in the instruction and principles of Phase 6 will cause a change in your physical and psychological structure, enabling you to blot out old, incorrect, or no longer useful concepts.

Phase 7

In Phase 7, faith in the lawfulness and goodness of it all will be enhanced. You will find yourself in possession of knowledge that will provide logical answers to all the questions you may have concerning the mystery in which you live. Phase 7 is an enlightening and inspiring experience enabling you to chart your own course through life. Presented in a rigorously logical manner, the information contained in the course offers a complete analysis and understanding of your present approach to life and the direction in which you are headed. Due to your knowledge and viewpoint, the world will now change from one of bewilderment, confusion, and despair to a world of perfect order where joy abounds.

Cosmic Principles

Cosmic Principles is the capstone of the Concept-Therapy coursework wrapping up the package of the phases of Conceptology.  From this point, you now begin living this teaching. You will progress from knowledge, to understanding, to application. Cosmic Principles is a revelation to thinkers, putting all aspects of living in proper perspective so you can logically see there is only ONE LIFE. You will know your point of relativity, created by your concepts, opinions, conclusions, and belief systems, will always determine what you experience. Cosmic Principles is dynamic in freeing you from these limitations without necessarily taking anything away, putting your “picture of life” into a clear, lawful perspective.

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