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Mattox Team

Charles W Mattox Jr

Having heard about Concept-Therapy from his parents and grandparents, Charles (Char) Mattox became a student of the Concept-Therapy Philosophy with his first formal class when he was 14. He enrolled in and reviewed all the classes in the Institute curriculum, becoming an Authorized Teacher at age 19. His teachers included Dr. Thurman Fleet, founder of the Concept-Therapy Philosophy and pioneer teachers including Dr. Conrad O. Schenk, Dr. B. F. Higdon, Rev. E. L. Crump, Dr. Charles K. Craig, Dr. Herbert Dill and many others. Char is a native Texan and has undergraduate and graduate degrees in Economics and in Business Administration. He taught and was an administrator at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Chapman University in California and St. Mary’s University in San Antonio. He has taught the Concept-Therapy course work consistently since 1970 and has taught all the courses in the Institute curriculum. Before marrying and moving to San Antonio in 1980, he served as Coordinator of Instruction for the Southern half of California for the Concept-Therapy Institute and worked with new Teaching Teams as well as study clubs and individual students of Concept-Therapy. Char served on the Administrative Committee of the Institute as well as on the Institute Board of Directors for 27 years. Together with Emily, his wife and teaching partner, they raised a family and have taught over 1000 classes together.

Emily Mattox

Emily was introduced to Concept-Therapy when she was a teenager by the best man at her sister’s wedding, Dr. Herbert Dill. She found the Concept-Therapy course work to be life-affirming and it’s principles to be applicable in all life situations. Receiving her undergraduate and graduate degrees in English and Education, Emily eventually married and worked with Dr. Dill in applying the Concept-Therapy principles in his healing practice in upstate New York. In addition to Dr. Dill, Emily’s teachers included Dr. Thurman Fleet, Dr. Jack Shatz, Dr. Conrad O. Schenk, Dr. B. F. Higdon, Rev. E. L. Crump, and many more. Teaching primarily in the Northeastern part of the U.S., Emily and Dr. Dill taught doctors and laypersons the practical application of the Laws of Life explained in Concept-Therapy. When Dr. Dill decided to become a full-time instructor and leave his successful chiropractic practice, the Dill Team moved to San Antonio and began to teach classes throughout the Southwest. Dr. Fleet selected the Dill Team to present the Institute’s post-graduate class in Cosmic Principles. When possible, Char would join the Dill Team to teach Concept-Therapy classes in AZ, NM, and TX. Upon Dr. Dill’s sudden death in 1979, Char and Emily continued to teach together, and eventually married. They used the principles taught in Concept-Therapy to maintain a very active teaching schedule (of up to 40 weekend classes per year) while being parents and raising two (now grown and independent) daughters. Emily credits her and the family’s success to their understanding and experience in applying daily the Concept-Therapy Philosophy. Emily and Char have taught over 1000 classes to doctors as well as laypersons in this unique and practical Concept-Therapy Philosophy. When her schedule permits, Emily continues to teach the Conceptology and Cosmic Principles courses with Char. The Mattox Team has been among the most active teaching teams in Concept-Therapy for decades.

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