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“The Power that Heals”
“Transcending Post‐Traumatic Stress through
the understanding and application of Concept‐
Therapy & Conceptology”

Concept-Therapy® is the study of mental concepts and a thoroughly scientific system for working with the mind to create ideas and concepts of health to take the place of those of disease. This is accomplished in strict accordance with the accepted laws of physics and psychology.

Dr. Thurman Fleet’s Concept-Therapy® and Conceptology® is a Model for working with those struggling with post-traumatic experiences or other painful, limiting concepts and experiences.

We recognize that our experiences, both good and bad, create ideas that get fixed in our minds, or concepts, which express themselves in our actions. They come forth as a vibration that triggers an action or reaction to some situation, person, or thing. We are usually unaware of the fact that they are memories of incidents which may have happened many years earlier; we may have forgotten them entirely. From these negative or hurtful experiences often come negative, limiting concepts which affect every area of our life. With the proper instruction, we can learn to recognize interferences in our normal behavior (called psychological “tendencies”) within ourselves and to cope with them effectively, thereby gaining better health, peace of mind, and freedom from enslavement to subconscious manipulation.

If we could help you transcend your Post-Traumatic Stress experience without drugs, grow in awareness of WHY you’re suffering the experience, and offer you a solid, no strings attached, money-back guarantee, would you be interested?

Let us send you a free copy of “The Power That Heals,” it presents a sampling of the heart, soul and wisdom of Concept-Therapy,® as conceived by its founder Dr. Thurman Fleet. The book covers such topics as:

  • Where Do I look For Answers
  • The Body-Mind-Soul Connection
  • The Power Within
  • Why Do I Get Sick?
  • Holistic Care, and much, much more.

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