With only a meager formal education and against tremendous odds, Fleet was an ordinary man who aspired to the extraordinary.  As an infantryman, he earned a battlefield commission from the U. S. Army in World War I and became one of the nation’s most highly decorated soldiers of that conflict.  He emerged from the war an “old man” of 23, suffering physically and mentally.  Effects of mustard gas and shrapnel in his brain, and haunting, horrific memories plagued the young hero.  Army doctors offered him little relief and no hope.  With a family to provide for, he began a fascinating odyssey to rebuild his health and life.  His journey led him into the realms of psychology, philosophy, theology, health and healing.  Thurman Fleet regained his health and devoted his life to searching for, organizing and teaching the truth about the human condition in all its complexity.  His legacy is Concept-Therapy.

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