Our courses are available to a broad spectrum of individuals who aspire to a life of health, happiness, peace, and success. Concept-Therapy is a viable, workable philosophy of life. Unlike positive thinking gurus, self-help, or motivational teachings and workshops, Concept-Therapy offers a comprehensive learning opportunity based on a foundation of time-tested principles.

Following completion of one of the Introductory courses described below, students are eligible to enroll in our series of Intermediate and Advanced specialized courses.  The courses are arranged to allow students to progress along a natural and logical philosophical journey evolving knowledge, awareness and higher understanding.

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Concept-Therapy is a philosophy of life based on the idea that our lives are profoundly influenced by the ideas, or concepts, stored in our minds. The Concept-Therapy course explains the part concepts play and how we can use this knowledge to our advantage.  In this foundation course, you will learn ways of working with your own concepts, because you can change your thinking patterns.  Concept-Therapy offers practical, logical tools you can use to bring about health, happiness, success, and peace of mind.


Suggestive Therapy

Suggestive Therapy is a course that, if understood and applied, would be beneficial to everyone.  All of us act and react daily according to suggestions, whether given to us in the moment or impressed upon our mind at some time in our past.  Suggestion controls what we do in all facets of our lives – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Knowing how to give and receive proper suggestions is a basic principle in everyone’s life.  Learn how to plan and bring about the positive results you desire.  You will be amazed.


Psychiatric Principles

The Psychiatric Principles course is designed to give a brief overview of the psychological effects of concepts buried in your subconscious, how those suggestions from yourself or others are a factor in your mental health, and how a comprehensive explanation of the methodology is used to rid your mind of unwanted concepts. Through this study you may grow to “Know Yourself ” and be able to create a positive and constructive image for your life. However, the instruction given in this course is not intended to replace proper training for doctors or counselors.

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